Our hotel, above the bay, retains some of the elegance of a hundred years ago without making our guests feel as though they are in a museum; for this was a family house and still is - family-run for families.

Once settled in, you will want to explore and we welcome an interest in the hotel, its history and its surroundings.Although we are in the 21st. century, you could be forgiven if you thought you heard the crunch of carriage wheels upon the drive or the shout of the gardener's lad from the greenhouse. It's easy to confuse the gentle sound of the sea upon the beach below with the sound of a rustling evening gown as 'Madam' descends
to dinner.

Chymorvah once knew a quality of life and a life-style that disappeared as part of a by-gone age. Immediately you turn into the driveway, you will feel traces of an atmosphere from the days of Queen Victoria, mingled with the timelessness of the wonderful view.

You could enjoy one of our bay-view rooms with a panorama beyond belief. We have improved the interiors of these rooms
to try to match the exterior views, and comfort, has come before all else.

If grandeur is not to your taste, then you may enjoy a cosy room with beamed ceilings where the maids once slept. They enjoy the same comfortable furnishings as the other rooms, but have a friendliness about them that is all their own. One can well imagine the gossip and giggles that went on here after the house had gone
to bed.

Whatever your choice, the same quality of service and happy atmosphere surrounds all the rooms and their guests.

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